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We present the most reliable premium industrial batteries to the world.

As the leading manufacturer of industrial storage batteries in Korea,
we are determined to provide only the best quality products and the most satisfying
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SG Series (Solar Gel Deep Cycle)

“The Ultra Power of Newmax Lead-Acid Battery”

Newmax SG Series batteries are true maintenance-free sealed GEL batteries engineered specifically to satisfy the need for frequent deep-cycle from Photovoltaic(PV) and renewable energy storage applications.

Thanks to the combination of our proprietary MaxPress™ grid technology and ThixoPure™ GEL technology, SG series batteries provide stability and longevity you need for your everyday renewable energy needs.


PNB Series (AGM, VRLA for UPS, Telecommunication)

“The Ultra Power of Newmax VRLA Battery”

PNB Series have been developed with in mind for telecommunication BTS, UPS, and general purpose industrial applications. Newmax’s proprietary MaxPress™ grid technology along with AGM separators gives the PNB series the durability and reliability you need for your data centers, telecommunication relay stations and everyday UPS applications.

Approved by the Republic of Korea Ministry of Defence for military use, PNB series will provide the performance and reliability you need.

PNC Series (Mobility Deep Cycle)

“The Ultra Power of Newmax Lead-Acid Battery”

PNC Series have been specifically engineered to meet the requirements for deep-cycle mobility units such as electric wheel chairs, floor scrubbers, low speed electric vehicles and etc. The plates of PNC Series are made from extra firm grids to withstand frequent high-rate deep cycles more effectively.

BM Series (Golf Cart / Electric Vehicle)

“The Ultra Power of Newmax Lead-Acid Battery”

Taking advantage of our proprietary DenseMax™ casting technology for the flooded type deep cycle batteries, BM series are built to provide ultra-long life and durability and tested to survive the mountainous golf courses with slopes and hills in South Korea.

MossGuard™ anti-moss post processing technology adds to the longevity and durability on our BM series batteries.

PNGB Series (2V block For UPS, Deep Cycle Gel)

“The Ultra Power of Newtmax Lead-Acid Battery”

The PNGB series has a completely sealed gas-recombining structure which has a relatively long life. It is available in various capacities and dimensions.

This series is fit for both floating and deep cycle service, such as UPS, telecommunication and lighting systems. They are usable in a wide temperature range,
from -20˚C to 50˚C and can be used in various services including high-rate discharge.

UPN Series (2V Deep Cycle Premium Gel with Longer life)

“The Ultra Power of Newmax Lead-Acid Battery”

Newmax UPN Series are true deep cycle high capacity storage 2V cells for various applications such as UPS and large scale solar installations. The plates of UPN series are produced through the DenseMax™ gravity casting process which provides extra high density to the battery grids unlike the conventional casting methods.

Our ThixoPure™ GEL formula adds another layer of heat resistance and cycle protection to the plates of our UPN series thus enhancing the cycle longevity and the overall performance of the battery.

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