RZCO EcoRider E7-1 Electric Golf Scooter

$ 2,599.00

State-of-the-Art Electric Golf Scooter

As light as some golf bags are these days, one of the best ways to mitigate your body from aches and pains is through investing in an electric golf scooter. This state-of-the-art EcoRider E7-1 is fully capable to do all the hard work for you, relieving the stress off the legs and shoulders while preserving energy for the last few holes to finish your rounds strongly.

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126x71x27-130cm (height adjustable)
RZCO EcoRider
Carton Size:
HS Code:
Motor Power:
2x1000W, brushless DC motor
Max. Load:
Speed Model:
Two modes, 10km/h-20km/h
Max. Mileage:
40km (subject to road condition)
Max. Climb Capability:
15-30 degrees
Full Charging Time:
≤ 4 hours
110V-240V, 50/60Hz
10 inch
Rechargeable Battery:
48V/14Ah lithium battery
36kg/46kg (carton)
Working Temperature:
White, customisation is available
Main Features :
The EcoRider E7-1 comes with many built-in safety features.
  1. Higher power and capacity lithium battery. Long range for golf player.
  2. Self developed brushless motor.
  3. Removable handle for transport. Quick to install.
  4. Button control to choose to go forward or go backward (forward or reverse trigger).
  5. Full function handheld remote control green trigger with LCD screen, variable speed / braking button on handle bar. 2.4GHz trigger controller with integrated internal battery and charging cable.
  6. Main waterproof charging jack on main stem.
  7. Heavy-duty attachment straps to secure golf bag.
  8. Impact resistant custom front faring suitable for 10 inch staff bag complete with flexi mud guards.
  9. Impact resistant custom rear faring complete with flexi mud guards. Without cooler compartment for drinks.
  10. High quality custom shaped maple wooden laminated deck.
Support High Quality Customisation :
  1. Impact resistant custom rear faring with cooler compartment for drinks complete with flexi mud guards
  2. Shaped bamboo sealed waterproof laminated deck
  3. Umbrella with dual customised left or right side holder rated to 60 km/h winds
  4. Drinks holder and Score card holder
  5. Quad golf ball & Tee holder
  6. Divot pourer sand bottle
  7. UV stabilised logo grass mat
  8. Rear spring loaded quick release seat (cannot be used whilst driving)
Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 128 × 71 × 70 cm


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